What’s Your Thing?

You know that thing. It’s what you would do if you didn’t have a 9 to 5 job, unlimited time and cash, and could just be.

It makes you happy, and you feel satisfied and content. When you’re done, you look at the production and think, “This is good.”

For me, that thing is creating. Writing, knitting, embroidering, painting, drawing — messy chaotic making makes me happy.

I do that for me, and I do it for other people. What I create becomes art or a creation that to someone else becomes a product. Or like my course, it’s a creation that to someone else is informative and maybe a bit of entertainment. 

This is what I want my life to be made of...simple mundane moments spent assembling wholeness from pieces and finding beauty in the fragments that are placed together to form a new thing.

That’s my thing. That’s my talent.

What’s your talent? You likely don’t need to go out and discover your talent. 

What did you use to do as a kid? What did you love before the world told you what to love instead?

I loved creating but the world said you can’t make money that way. You can be successful and safe doing that. Go to college, get a stable job, work forty hours doing something you’re good at — but don’t like.

Do that for fifty years.

That’s soul sucking. For me, maybe not for your. Maybe you love what you do, you’d never do anything but work the job you have now.

But you could ask Kid-You, I wonder what they’d say.

If you have no desire to pursue your talent, wonderful and good. You want what you want, right? 

Or do you want it but let people tell you stories that make you believe you’re not good enough? That it’s not worthy of pursuit? That you’re not worthy to do it?

I believe that’s the stuff midlife crisis are made out of. I’ve personally had a few quarter life crisis because I’d buried my talents, wasting them in the dirt, and that squelches a human’s spirit.

Because the talents that we were born with, our natural desires and passions for certain things, have a purpose. We were created for a reason with purpose in mind.

I don’t intend to wait for midlife — assuming I have an “average” lifespan ahead of me — to break out of the cubicle and explore my creativity. I’m not waiting for permission or putting in the time. 

I choose to do it now. I have no kids of my own, but I have nieces and nephews. I believe we lead by example, we shape the minds and hearts of the little people around us. No one I know was doing the kind of work I’m passionate about when I was growing up. 

The world has changed since the 90’s! If any of my kids needs an example of what a creative entrepreneur looks like, how to be the CEO and run and scale a business for themselves that they care about, that feeds their soul instead of sucks it dry, I want them to be able to look at me.

I want that for them, and I want that for me.

Writing is my thing. If it’s one of yours, I’d you have a passion for words and story, then you are invited to join my Facebook group. I soapbox about creative lifestyle and making a business out of writing and ditching cubicles and whatnot. I’d love for you to join the conversation in there.


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