Journaling to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Journaling to Help You Achieve Your Dreams
I started journaling around five years ago. At that time, I was unemployed, depressed, and lost. I had no idea what I was going to do next or what I wanted to do. Make money seemed like a good idea, but who just wants to work for money? I knew I wanted more than just a job, but when you have zero, starting with income somewhere anywhere seems like a priority.
Eventually, I did find a job and worked that for a couple of years. Making money but still kind of depressed and lost. Because I was working, but I still wasn’t pursuing my dreams fully.
Sometimes, I wish I knew then what I know now about making money online as a writer.
If I’d had access to my business coach back then, I’m not sure I would have taken the chance and bought in. My mindset was so bleak then, I wouldn’t have recognized the value and opportunity for what it was. But what I started journaling about helped me to accept her offer when it came around a couple of years later.
The Stalogy A6 journal* was my favorite, and I was able to fill a whole year’s worth of pages for the first time. The act of writing with pen and paper helps to rewire your brain. There’s neuroplasticity and studies and such involved, but the point is that it engages your mind and thought centers around your belief. Your mind can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction, a story or reality. It accepts everything as true. When you journal, you are revealing or telling your mind what your reality is.
When I started journaling, I realized that my internal world was negative, cynical, and dark. Little wonder I hadn’t finished a book, accomplished any important goals, or believed that I even could. My inner voice was critical and full of doubt. But journaling helped me ‘hear’ how I talked to myself. Gradually, I was able to change my inner self talk to something positive, loving and encouraging. 
I extend grace to myself, the same way as I would to a young child – my inner child. I’d never call a child stupid or shame them for making a mistake or not knowing something. I’d help them and guide them, empower and give them tools to succeed. I’d be fair to them.
This has improved not only my relationship with myself but with other people – personally and professionally. I’m a better person to my family and friends, and I’m better with my clients. It’s one of the reasons I even have clients. I was able to recognize my skills and talents, identify and own my dreams and desires, and pursue the career paths I actually wanted. 
I’m a full-time content creator, copywriter, and author.
I’d have never been brave enough to go after this life if I hadn’t taken the time to find out what I want. And then to encourage myself to actually go after it. As of now, I’m building and growing, but I’m finding new opportunities and focused on creating multiple income streams. The words I’d written in my journal years ago are now becoming my life. 
If you want to start journaling and using it to untangle your thoughts and follow your dreams, do it. You don’t need a fancy journal – you can just start. I created a PDF of 25 journaling prompts to help you. You can find it and other downloads and freebies in the Introverted Writers Club Resource Vault. Go here to get access.

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