Why Introverts Make Great Writers

Why Introverts Make Great Writers

Am I the only one who used to believe being an introvert meant that you hated people? (Please tell me I wasn’tπŸ˜…)

Because the internet was still emerging when I was growing up and I just had the voices and adults around me tell me what they thought it meant.

What I eventually learned was that introvert was talking about the way I process the world. It meant that my own inner world and ideas were more real to me than the external, physical world. It meant that socializing with other people was draining because I had to “emerge” from my inner world to engage with them — I had to travel farther and show up.

When you’re an introvert, reading and writing naturally seems to be something we’re drawn to. We get to visit the inner worlds of others, to quietly explore their thoughts. And when we write, we are allowed to go at our own pace and say precisely what we want. We can invite others to see, for a moment, what our world looks like to us.

When we write fiction and create characters, we are better able to illustrate their emotions and thoughts. We get to explore the depth of them. It can,  in a way, be therapeutic to write these characters. When we connect to the emotion of a scene —which is when a story is really made, in the moments of emotional resonance— we genuinely feel it.

For a moment, the story becomes real to us. Since our minds connect so deeply to story, and can’t differ between a true or false one on its own, it might as well be real. This is why we get so connected to characters in media — tv, movies, plays, books. To us, they’re real.

Who is one of your favorite characters? If you take some time to examine it, you might find interesting reasons as to why you connect with them. Join the Introverted Writers Club and share who they are.

Where Should I Publish My Book?

Where Should I Publish My Book?
It depends.

If you’ve ever heard of self or indie (independent) publishing, then you probably know about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Amazon’s platform is a massive, global marketplace and Kindle Unlimited, their e book exclusive program. Between the two of them, they are the first and second biggest bookstores in the world.

You can publish a book with them in a day.

They’re not the only booksellers indie authors can distribute through and to. While KDP allows expanded distribution (putting your book in store catalogues beyond Amazon), it’s not a good idea to let them.

Either go direct to those distributors or use an aggregator to do so like Smashwords or Draft 2 Digital (also Streetlib, PublishDrive; not an exhaustive list. These companies let you upload your book to one spot but makes sure they show up as well as providing one sales dashboard.

There are cons, like not having access to the promotional and marketing assets of the other distributors. Also, the aggregators take a percentage of the sales for their services, up to about 10%. 

So if you make $10,000, Draft 2 Digital would get $1000.

When possible, always upload direct yourself.

When you have Amazon distribute wide, the books don’t actually show up on the other retailers consistently. These companies are competing with each other after all.

Publishing “wide” means that you publish beyond Amazon KDP and/or Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Select/Unlimited is KDP’s exclusive program for ebooks where authors are paid for pages read, a calculated figure. When an author is enrolled in this, your ebook format must be available exclusively in their program for a period of 90 days at a time.

Where to Publish:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, Amazon)
iBooks (you must have a Mac to upload to them)
Google books
(Not a complete listπŸ™‚)

If you want to learn more about indie publishing and join a community of other writers, click here to join The Introverted Writers Club.

Do You Need an Email List?

Do You Need an Email List?
Tl;dr yes 

If you are online and building a business writing book, eventually you’re gonna hear about newsletters and email lists. 

But what’s the point? Email is dead, and no one reads those.

Actually no, people do, but only ones they want that are giving them valuable content.

What is valuable depends on who your audience is, and if you correctly identified them and what they define as valuable.

That is very, very important.

If you’re a writer, then you should know your genre and who your perfect reader is. When you know this, you can start building out your mailing list with a reader magnet or loss leader.

Email list, lead magnets, and marketing probably aren’t things you thought you’d need when you decided to be an author. For indie authors, these things are keys to your long term success.

You should start marketing a book before it’s released. Studios don’t just drop a new movie in the theatres and hope it sells out. They start months in advance and spend THOUSANDS.

You don’t have movie studio budget, but you don’t need it.  

You need E-Mail.


4 Low Risk Ways for 5s to Explore Their Creativity

4 Low Risk Ways for 5s to Explore Their Creativity

People have strange misconceptions about what being an Enneagram 5 is like -- even other 5s do. We are the type most likely to lead from logic which makes sense because we're centered in the Head Triad. Everything is thought through, even our feelings.

We don't, if you reference the Enneagram diagram, have a direct link to either the Body Triad which leaves us a bit disconnected. There is a quote I've always loved -- yes, love, a genuine feeling -- from Sherlock Holmes or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whichever you like.

"I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix."

4 Kinds of Social Posts for Writers + prompt list

4 Kinds of Social Posts for Writers + prompt list

I found it really challenging to find readers and build a community. Writing and publishing a book to market is a great accomplishment, but a book needs readers to be worth the effort.

Marketing is a huge aspect that I wasn’t prepared for, but it can be a lot of fun. Rather than feeling like marketing is this terrible overwhelming thing you have to do, think of it as this wonderful opportunity you have to meet new readers. Using content marketing to funnel readers to you can be fun and easy and you can make new connections with people you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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