How and Why You Should Build an Email List

Starting with the why since this is a continuation of Why Amazon Is Bad for Authors .

You want an email list because you want access to your buyers, to your perfect reader, to your community.

Notice I didn't say so you can sell directly to them. That is a benefit, but it's not the point. The point is to serve your readership and audience. You do so by writing books that entertain, educate, and encourage them, but you don't use your list in a constant barrage of 'Buy my book!' You do it from a service mindset.

It makes sense from a business standpoint for Amazon not to share that information with us as sellers; customers would steer clear of a company that leaked their contact info and subjected them to “spam” email. 

So how do you create your own email list of people who want to read your book and are willing to pay because they see the value? 

You use a lead magnet. Or opt in offer.

Lead magnets are anything you create and give away in exchange for an email address. You’ve likely found yourself on someone else’s email newsletter in exchange for a checklist or other freebie.

The point is, you valued that item enough to give access to your email.

Example of a lead magnet:






I’m writing a book called “7 Habits of Successful Indie Authors.” On my home page, I have a graphic and link to join my email list to receive an ARC. Anyone who signs up will receive an ebook copy of the book when it’s done, and be added to my email list.

This shows me that the person who signed up is likely an indie author or wants to be one. 

Within the system I use, I can tag, track and see if they open emails, if they click certain links, add them to campaigns and automations and continue to nurture them. I can let them know what new thing I’ve created for them, or share a lesson or video. I can invite them into my world, and they can visit and a friendship of a kind can me made.

For an introvert, that might sound like a lot and it honestly is for me as well. Although I can’t say it’s all personality related, but I’ll admit my email list has been grossly neglected. It’s on my list of to do’s!

But a weekly email can be a touch point that keeps you top of mind with people. People who probably barely know who you are, to readers and supporters who you’ve nurtured.

It doesn’t have to be weekly so much as consistent, so do what works for your schedule.

You’ll learn that as you go, as you look at the data and interaction from your list. If you want to learn more, you can join The Introverted Writers Club and grow with our community!


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