How to Get Started Blogging


Here is the billionth blog about how to start a blog. That might be one of your hang-ups. Everyone has already started a blog and written about everything. How are you going to stand out and be original?

You’re not supposed to do that. Just like Burger King, McDonald’s, Checker’s, and Whataburger haven’t come up with anything original either. They just bring their special thing to the same food.

So you’ll bring your special thing to whatever topic you’re writing about.


What’s your vision for your blog? Is it only for fun or is it professional? Are you building a personal brand or going into freelance writing?

There are free sites or places like Medium, but I am not a fan of building someone else’s brand while not building your own. Guest posting is a great way to help people discover your brand, but only once your brand has a home — a website. But I believe you should write for your own brand and blog. It’s easier to monetize.


What’s your niche? Your niche should be narrowed and specific to what you write about or who you write to. Do you have tips about saving money, gardening, or thrifting? Maybe you’re into finance, cryptocurrency, investing, or home decor. If you don't know a lot about these areas, then you can research and learn. Reseaching is a big part of what you'd do as a freelance writer.

There is a niche for almost every kind of business although some might be more profitable than others. You need to be in the mindset of educating, entertaining, or encouraging. Straight up self-centered, personal diary-style blogs are not in anymore; there has to be some value in some way to your audience. 

People care about themselves and they have smaller attention spans these days. While sharing your personal or lifestyle brand, it needs to be about how does this help your audience. So what’s in it for them to read your blog?

Will they be:


If you’re practicing to help improve your craft, what are you trying to improve and who will be reviewing your work? You can write and practice as much as you want, but someone needs to give you feedback. Whether that’s your audience or a mentor. A mentor can be a writing coach or someone who is a professional who offers that kind of service. There are writers of different skill levels, experience, and expertise. 

Do you have a mentor who can help you? If you’re writing for business, what is your niche? Have you selected a profitable one or know how you’ll monetize what you write about?

You can work with a mentor, and they’ll consult with you to help you define your goals and execute them. They help you maintain momentum and motivation while guiding you along the way. Working with a mentor who can help you come up with your content plan and strategy can save you time.

You can schedule a free consultation with me and we’ll talk about your vision and goals. I’ll help you create a plan designed for you. If you want support and mentorship, then I can work with you there as well. Head to this link to get started.


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