One Simple Way to Upgrade Your Self Care
I used to be overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions. Writing was and is  one of my methods for working through them. When I don’t express myself creatively, I start to feel shut down. I’ve learned that I’m quite hyper sensitive to…life sometimes 😅. And I’m not the only one.

Another tool I use is sound.

I listen to brown noise and those sound bath things, and they help relax me. BUT there are studies that show sound waves can actually help your body which is 🤯. Things like seasonal or 🌙 even. It makes sense because even music. I want to dive deep into sound waves and sound therapy, but part of me feels that’s my avoidant tendencies coming into play. It’ll go on my backlog of things to do, something I’m adding into my planner system.

But sound therapy…

They have this tech thing for it that is a personal sound bath* (affiliate and CJ100 gets you $100 off if you decide to try it). There are other options that cost four times as much and require a monthly subscription, but this one is a one time purchase for the device. It seems a little sci fi but so are these cell phones and internet and most of life at this point🤷🏽‍♀️. And it’s really something that already exists and you’ve always been affected by, but just weren’t aware of. It’s like a self-care tool you didn’t know how to use.

I’m still researching, but what do you think? Self care and bring well is important for me, especially as a full-time entrepreneur. I’m fully responsible for taking care of me, not an employer or their benefits.

The site itself has info like —
“Our bodies contain certain frequencies in the form of energy. Those frequencies can go “out of tune” at times, which causes pain, discomfort, or stress.”
So you can use smart tech and sound therapy to retune and realign your body’s energy. It’s safe, it’s quick — it’s sound. Your body absorbs the vibrations and accepts the sound even if you can barely hear it. 

It can help with physical, mental, and emotional things. From the list of over 850 issues, I’m interested in:
  • Detoxes
  • Lonely 
  • No motivation 
  • No concentration 
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration 
  • Various organs, bacterial issues, pathogens
  • And general self-care
It seems too good to be true, but I really want to try it. As a writer, I am always in need of concentration and motivation. I’m wondering if it might help with writer’s block too. Since I am a full-time writer and author, buying something like this could potentially be deductible too as research for a book. That’s one of the reasons why you might want an LLC when you intend to make money online, even just as a side hustle. Your hobbies, research, and vacations could and do support your business.

What do you think about sound as self-care or what other tools do you use?

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