Gratitude List #1
One of my coaches challenged me to create a list of ten things I'm grateful for every day. Gratitude is such a powerful practice that can shift the mind and heart into both a place of contentment, into being present. I have been out of touch with my own presence within my body. I have had a habit of residing inside my mind, in past and future space. 

Sometimes, it has been difficult to simply be here.

But I am here, and I choose to be grateful for my space, the where I've been, and where I am. Where I will. But first, here. 

I am grateful:

1. for quiet evenings in my living room with my mother watching nostalgic and ridiculous television. 2. a kitchen full of food. 3. a warm furnished home. 4. the luxury of electricity. 5. the community found in social media and the connections that would never be made otherwise. 6. Daddy's old Ford truck with a tricky accelerator. 7. money in the bank to cover eye doctor appointments. 8. my breath in my lungs. 9. my sight as I watch my nephews grow into little men. 10. tears.


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