I Turned Down an $18,000 Client
I quit my job with one potential client set up. It was almost a done deal, a sure thing for the year. Discovery calls done, the scope of work understood, proposal sent and pending. A new virtual assistant, inexperienced, but I had a paying client ready for me.

Or did I?

It was several small details regarding how to communicate, particular enough that I would need to have a style guide to be sure I addressed them appropriately.

I asked myself, “Is the money worth it? Do I want to work with this person?”


I didn’t quit my job to be stressed just sending an email to a client. It’s not that she was horrible, but I don’t think I’d enjoy supporting her business. Part of my business model is I work with people who I enjoy working with.

How crazy is that? Like, I’m going off the vibes for real.

In the past, I didn’t know what to do with the vibes. I was very in my head, and I didn’t trust my feelings or gut instinct.

But I’ve never been a “driven” person, I’m the kind that waits. I’m the kind who has been called lazy and not a “go-getter.” Which is partly true. If I don’t feel it, then it’s much more difficult for me to gather my energy and interest.

But when something comes to me and I care about it, I get this feeling that is just “yes, yes, that!” I’ve come to trust that feeling, that knowing. Looking back, when I’ve ignored that feeling and made the “logical” choice, I ended up regretting it. But when I follow that gut feeling

My income is less than it could have been, but so is my stress. Because I turned down that client, I’ve had to network more, and I’ve enjoyed the process. I’ve met people I wouldn’t have because I wouldn’t have needed to and I wouldn’t have had the time.

Nothing is wasted, even if you “miss” that opportunity. Trust that you’re being led to the place you’re supposed to. That your journey intersects with others on their way.

What opportunities did you pass on? How has your perspective changed on it, or are you still mourning it? 

I challenge you to find the good in it. What opportunities came from “missing out” or where were you led? What did you learn? Because if you look, there is a lesson. There is a growth point.

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Do the work and watch your whole world change.


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