Q: How do you make marketing your books simple and effective?

A: With VIP DAYS, a different way to get it all done.


You should be writing, but books don’t market themselves.

You didn’t realize becoming an author meant that you were signing up to be an underpaid marketing intern. The books won’t write or market themselves, and you feel like you can only do one. You have a full life and would love expert help in this area to get it done.

Instead of:
  •  Stressing and dreading social media
  • Trying to do it all and failing
  • Wasting time and energy 
  • Getting overwhelmed and burned out

Imagine how great it would feel to hand it off to an expert to do it for you.

By the end of a single day, you could have:
  • An easy to follow content marketing plan
  • Content created and ready to upload 
  • Email funnel and campaigns written
  • An author persona built out
  • And so much more

A day can make a world of difference 
High Level Content Marketing Strategy 
I spend a day creating a sustainable marketing strategy that will put you n front of your ideal readers. You’ll gain more organic leads slowly that you can nurture into loyal fans.

From there, you’re set to create your content or we can go one level deeper.

I’ll create the content for you. You book an additional VIP Day, and I’ll do it for you, including captions and Canva graphics that fit your brand. All you do from there is follow the plan, schedule, and post.

It’s the second best thing to an “easy” button.

If you’re an introverted and overwhelmed indie author who needs an assist with branding and content marketing done, then my VIP Days are for you.

I spend a day focused on solving one problem for you — whether that’s content marketing strategy, content creation, author branding, or one of my other offers. 

Start the day scrambling.

 End the day implementing.

 My goal is to deliver what you need so you can attract and nurture your perfect readers and grow your brand.

Spots are limited so book early!

You choose one aspect for us to tackle. All of it done for you in a day.
Let’s get you booked so you can get back to the books.

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