Two Financial Tools for Freelance Writers
It can be overwhelming figuring out which tech and software you need. There are so many, and everywhere on the interwebs, someone has an opinion on which one to pick. And they all say their widget is the best. Like everyone says that this is the ULTIMATE BUSINESS TOOL YOU NEED FOR BUSINESS NOW...but seriously though?

Decide what you actually need. If you don't know what you need either, think of the end vision and goals. Work backwards from that. You might need an online community where you can engage with your community. There are paid options where you can build those, but you can start on Facebook. If you need training on how to build a million dollar Facebook group, check out my mentor's group where she teaches four marketing intensives a month -- the first month is $1. The link for that is here, and legit, it's the ULTIMATE BUSINESS RESOURCE YOU NEED FOR YOUR BUSINESS -- I'm kidding, but seriously though. Changemaker's Den is a treasure trove.

For me, I'm not one to pick up a lot of different software. I come across a need, do my research, make a choice, and stick to it. I don't know if they're the best, but they do what I need them to do. My affiliate links are included, but I don't share things that I don't use and love. When I came to a point where I needed to invoice and have contracts for clients, I found Honeybook.

Honeybook is my client project management system. It's more suited if you offer services to clients, need to send contracts, schedule calls, and add more automation to your business. It has templates and automations, productivity, and lead capture tools that make things easy. I'm all about the easy. The lead capture tools can be a great asset to get a project started even if you don't have a website built out yet. It lets me create and customize templates for invoices, questionnaires, and other forms that you might need to gather all of the information you need to get started on a project.

It's the hub for my freelance services -- virtual assistance, content and copywriting, editing, and consulting. There are other systems like this one, but right now, this is my choice, and I love how it simplifies so many things.

Try Honeybook for $1 for 6 months, you can use my link here to sign up.

I needed somewhere for my money to go. All the business finance people say side hustle income or entrepreneur income should be separate from personal finances. This helps with end of year taxes and accounting. Not having a good banking system was one of the issues that held me up from starting my business earlier. Actually, going into a physical bank and opening a separate business account, and talk to people? Ain't nobody got time for that!
And which one of these online banks was good? And would I still need a separate system like Quickbooks to do the accounting things?

An entrepreneur friend shared this one with me, and it has been the easy button for me when it comes to handling my finances. It's an online bank made for self-employed entrepreneurs. Their mission is to empower self-employed people with a seamless financial foundation, and I'd say they're doing great so far. Perfect indie authors and freelance writers. It even has the option to send invoices to clients.

If you're building a business online, you want separate banking from your personal finances -- makes taxes easier. It comes with a debit card, of course, so you can shop as normal. Found allows you to categorize your income and expenses, upload receipts, automatically separate money to be paid for taxes, and create tax documents at the end of the year. My accountant was actually impressed with that feature. No annual fees, easily navigatable mobile app, and a pretty great affiliate program. Their customer is also really responsive in my experience. It's free to set up, and you can be done in five minutes. To get started, you can click my link here and be set up quicker than making your Starbucks order.

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